JE Sunde

Songwriter/composer J.E. Sunde writes beautifully unusual music. Classically trained in voice and with a love of songwriters and performers like Leonard Cohen, Nina Simone, and Paul Simon, Jon writes densely poetic songs with a bent toward the philosophical. Jon spent years making music with The Daredevil Christopher Wright, touring nationally and internationally. In July, 2014 he released his first solo album, “Shapes That Kiss The Lips Of God” with Cartouche Records.A modern troubadour, with the voice of a pure reed vibrating in the Wisconsin prairie winds. A second solo LP on Cartouche Records, “Now I Feel Adored”, from the former Daredevil Christopher Wright frontman, comes in March 2017. It's essential listening for any lover of soft but lyrically intense music, the nylon string guitar, the melodic bass, the measured drum.

"The whole thing is gorgeous. Oh my. That’s a whole other level of greatness. I don’t think they have invented a word to describe that yet."

Vesa Lautamaki, One Chord to Another

"JE Sunde's album, Shapes That Kiss the Lips of God, sounds like the memories of looking at pictures of yourself as a toddler, but as a teenager."

Joel Frieders, SYFFAL


With the Spring 2017 release of his latest LP on Cartouche Records, “Now I Feel Adored”, JE Sunde will be touring extensively in support of the record.

JE Sunde performs as a solo act and as a band. He is also available for arts learning residency activities, vocal and instrumental masterclasses, and community songwriting workshops for participants of varying experience and abilities.


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